Krista on 07/03/2015  
    Amy: It is a pleasure working with people who are so on top of things

  Mike on 07/03/2015  
    Anna: You do great work and are a pleasure to work with

  David on 07/03/2015  
    Melody: You are awesome! We couldn't accomplish this without you :)

  Moises on 07/03/2015  
    Amy, Thank you again for your continue professional way of approaching things. I personally appreciate that trait a great deal

  Penny on 07/03/2015  
    Awesome. You all are so great!

  David on 07/03/2015  
    Melody: you have been awesome in helping us accomplish that mission...so thanks so much again

  Rick on 07/03/2015  
    Melody:That is great, you did a great job on our other property.

  Radha on 07/03/2015  
    I'd like to leave a note of appreciation regarding your professionalism to someone higher up to you in your work place. You deserve it ! Thank you very much! (To Melody)

  Mark on 07/03/2015  
    Aliza: My wife and I appreciate all that you and your team has done to get all of this rectified. I know it has been a long process, but we are grateful for your attention. Your office has been very pleasant to work with since we moved here.

  Jane on 06/25/2015  
    I live in Japan and I constantly have questions. No matter what they are always answered in a timely manner. My team works with me non stop. I couldn't have done this without them. Thank you.

  Peter on 06/25/2015  
    Susan: We really appreciate all the quick responses and professional feedback. I can always count on them!

  Kevin on 06/19/2015  
    Gerry has been great to work with. All I have to do is review the paperwork and sign it. So easy

  Trevor on 06/19/2015  
    Gerry: It was a good experience. I feel confident that this team will work hard to protect my investment.

  Eva on 06/19/2015  
    Susan has been a dream to work with. I am very satisfied. She has given us a peace of mind and I know she will take care of everything. WE LOVE SUSAN

  Danny on 06/19/2015  
    Susan: My wife and I only use D'ann Harper Realtors for everything. they are always dependable and always there when we need them the most. I fully recommend.

  Luke on 06/19/2015  
    They are great!

  Maria on 06/19/2015  
    I am happy with Amy. She is very attentive and understand to us living in CA. and relying on someone taking care of our home

  Linda on 06/19/2015  

  Nicole on 06/19/2015  
    I am happy with my team and they always keep up great work

  Lisa on 06/13/2015  
    You Rock Melody

  Lorena on 06/13/2015  
    Hello Amy, Anabel and Ana, I hope you are doing fine. Would you be so kind to please forward this mail to your respective bosses. Thank you very much. To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to you this message to let you know that Amy Taege, Anabel Seibel a

  George on 06/13/2015  
    Thanks for your interest in the property which I feel has well above and beyond the call of duty considering what you and hubby are trying to accomplish personally.

  Eva on 06/13/2015  
    Thank you again for all your hard work and efforts in getting the lease signed for this rental.. We are very appreciate.

  Michael on 06/13/2015  
    Thank you Melody for your assistance with Siva throughout this process. You are much appreciated.

  Rebecca on 06/13/2015  
    Thank you for letting me know you received the payment. I really appreciate your help with this. I understand that I am not your only client but you're doing a great job of making me feel like I am. SAUNDRA

  Brian on 06/05/2015  
    Your really don't understand just how helpful you and your company have been. I have just hit the top of my overload stress meter. With my husbands deployment and having 3 kids under 5, oh and living under my parents house ( I love them but they are old a

  Tara on 06/05/2015  
    Again you guys rock and thank you for everything!

  Dave on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you so much for the immediate service. I very much appreciate it!

  Linda on 06/05/2015  
    Anna, Thank you for all your help. I got really lucky having such a great tenant. I know it's because of the Harpers property management application process. Thanks again.

  Steven on 06/05/2015  
    Dang you guys are good. Pardon the pun!! Thanks and have a good weekend

  Cori on 06/05/2015  
    Anabel has been a great buffer and handled things beautifully.

  Lisa on 06/05/2015  
    Thanks for all your help and support over the past 5 years. You have been such a joy to work with. Your constant willingness to help and staunch professionalism have provided us a level of comfort that we were not expecting. We will certainly need to us

  Gloriana on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you all for being SO good to my girls and I throughout the past couple of years of our tenancy. We could not have asked for better and have passed your names along to several of our friends.

  Karen on 06/05/2015  
    Thanks for a job well done I am very pleased that Coldwell Banker has found another tenant so quickly.

  Monika on 06/05/2015  
    You really are a treasure to work with. Thank you so, so much!

  Mariah on 06/05/2015  
    You're awesome lady!! Thank you so much...

  Brice on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you so much! You are great, and thank you for understanding! It is truly appreciated....

  Cori on 06/05/2015  
    I appreciate your follow up and communication to the tenant on both items. your response is well constructed.

  Edward on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you for staying on top of everything. I hope you continue to clime that corporate ladder quickly. You deserve it.

  Keith on 06/05/2015  
    I noticed an improvement right away when your team took over. So, again, my sincere thanks to all of you for everything. Take care!

  April on 06/05/2015  
    Wow! I was not expecting this...you made my day! Thanks for all your hard work! Anna Jackson

  Robert on 06/05/2015  
    Wow! I was not expecting this...you made my day! Thanks for all your hard work!

  Chrystal on 06/05/2015  
    Valerie has been a great help. I appreciate her keeping in touch and making sure I had everything I needed.

  Andy on 06/05/2015  
    Dear Anna Thank you for the service you provided as Property Manager. Your support and professionalism will truly be missed. Well, this is it, I feel like I am saying goodbye to a dear friend who will be greatly missed. I hope you have a Merry Christmas

  Paul on 06/05/2015  
    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

  Mike on 06/05/2015  
    That is outstanding news, thank you so much. We appreciate your hard work.

  Brittany on 06/05/2015  
    You have been so helpful and we greatly appreciate it.

  Julie on 06/05/2015  
    Hi Melody, I just want to thank you again for waiting for me tonight. I know you have much better things to do and I appreciate that you took the time to accommodate me. You saved me at least four hours of driving and that was certainly above and beyond t

  Moises on 06/05/2015  
    What I would like for you to do is have a very Merry Christmas! You have being wonderful, and have given us peace of mind while we are away.

  Dr. A on 06/05/2015  
    This is to wish you the very best of Christmas and a happy new year. Thanks so much for what you do. We truly appreciate your great work ethics and the invaluable services you provide in managing our properties. Thanks for your leadership and managerial s

  Wesley on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you for all the good work you and your company have provided for us. We have been stress free about the house since we hired you as property managers.

  Michael on 06/05/2015  
    Hi Anna, Thanks for the top-notch service.

  Matt on 06/05/2015  
    It's been a great experience working with you all!

  Tyler on 06/05/2015  
    You are the best!! Thank you so much.

  Diane on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you, Amy. You are very kind & I very much appreciate it. Have a beautiful & blessed week-end.

  Ephraim on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you so much for your help. It is working very well now. You help also with the portal helped.

  Hamilton on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you so much for your help. It is working very well now. You help also with the portal helped.

  Donna on 06/05/2015  
    Please do not hesitate to tell her for us that we said so. Keep up the good work.

  Kimberly on 06/05/2015  
    You’re the best Melody!

  George on 06/05/2015  
    thank you again for your quick and efficient service. Hope you are doing well. we always recommend you to our friends.

  Adam on 06/05/2015  
    It's nice being able to work with someone who understands the special situations that military families face when moving.

  Monika on 06/05/2015  
    What can I say? You ARE the BEST.

  Chris on 06/05/2015  
    As usual, you all are awesome and greatly appreciated! Have a great week.:}

  London on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you for being so quick to get this information for me.

  Joe on 06/05/2015  
    See....you're awesome!!

  Jessica on 06/05/2015  
    Ana Thank you so much you have been excellent it has been a pleasure dealing with you.

  Rodney on 06/05/2015  
    Amy. Have a great day! You're always a huge help. I appreciate it

  Michelle on 06/05/2015  
    You have helped me so much over time that I wanted you to see what was going on. Ana has proved to be just as thorough as you. : ) Thank you both!!

  Barry on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you so much ma'am. I appreciate your professionalism and willingness to work with us all.

  Jennifer on 06/05/2015  
    Hello, Ashley. I want to thank you for making the extra effort to speak with the owner regarding the paint. It really will make a difference for us and we truly appreciate your help. Thank you.

  Maria on 06/05/2015  
    Just wanted to say thank you for all your help. We are definitely in good hands, and we appreciate everything you have done for us.

  C on 06/05/2015  
    Thanks again for being so proactive. We really appreciate it & hope our experience will be the same with everyone on your team. VALERIE

  Tara on 06/05/2015  
    Again you guys rock and thank you for everything!

  Brian on 06/05/2015  
    Your really don't understand just how helpful you and your company have been. I have just hit the top of my overload stress meter. With my husbands deployment and having 3 kids under 5, oh and living under my parents house ( I love them but they are old a

  Jennifer on 06/05/2015  
    Thanks for all of y'all's communication; you guys have great customer service!

  Beth on 06/05/2015  
    Once again, you rock!

  Mariah on 06/05/2015  
    You're awesome lady!! Thank you so much...

  Kelly on 06/05/2015  
    Again, thank you for the very detailed update! I continue to rave about the outstanding experience I've had with Harper Property Management to all of my friends seeking property management in San Antonio. Have a great day!

  Brice on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you so much! You are great, and thank you for understanding! It is truly appreciated

  Landon on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you, Amy. You are very kind & I very much appreciate it. Have a beautiful & blessed week-end.

  Sarah on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you so very much for your assistance!! We have been so impressed with your kindness and professionalism, and will certainly keep Coldwell in mind when we decide to purchase our first home.

  Austin on 06/05/2015  
    Okay, thank you for taking care of this Melody. You're always very efficient!

  Ann on 06/05/2015  
    . You guys are awesome!

  Albert on 06/05/2015  
    Thanks Melody. Great job!

  Nathan on 06/05/2015  
    I do appreciate all of your hard work and I am happy that it is a company that you trust.

  Roland on 06/05/2015  
    I can do it myself but I do not want to add more unnecessary work for you. I feel bad because you have gone “above and beyond helping out”. You have been the most helpful in property mgmt. dept.

  Gopi on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you for your note Amy. I enjoyed meeting you and your awesome team and thank you for the lunch.

  Susan on 06/05/2015  
    You are the best!

  Joe on 06/05/2015  
    Anna Jackson And again, thank you for everything. You have been great. Tell your boss I said so.

  Robert on 06/05/2015  
    You Da Bomb! Hope you get that raise! You definitely make the company money with your award winning service!

  Sandy on 06/05/2015  
    Anabel!!!! You are an ANGEL!!!! Thank you so much.

  Joe on 06/05/2015  
    THANK YOU!!! Thank you for taking such good care of us.

  Jack on 06/05/2015  
    Thanks again for your help today. Haley and I have been consistently impressed with you as our contact person; your help today is just one more example. Please feel free to forward this message to your supervisor--they should definitely know the good work

  Tamesia on 06/05/2015  
    Wow. I really wish everyone in the business world operated like your team. Thank you!

  Jason on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you for your continued help and outstanding customer service. If there is ever a survey or anything else I can do to let your folks know how much of a rock star you are, please let me know!

  Robert on 06/05/2015  
    Anna Jackson, . Thank you for your great work you continue to do as my property manager.

  Michelle on 06/05/2015  
    . You are an asset to your office and Coldwell as a whole.AMY

  Celeste on 06/05/2015  
    Wow! This is great Amy! A great big thank you to you. I really appreciate you.

  Nicole on 06/05/2015  
    . Thank you so much! This is why I love you guys as a property manager! You always keep me updated and in the loop.

  Robert on 06/05/2015  
    Wow! I was not expecting this...you made my day! Thanks for all your hard work!

  Bob on 06/05/2015  
    Thanks Anabel your hard work is appreciated!

  Brian on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you managing our house and doing such a great job liaison between us and our renters. Your company has made it easy and instilled in us confidence that everything would be handled.

  Edis on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you so much for responding with such great details. I must apologize that I did not pay attention to that detail. I also want to apologize if I sounded negative in my email. I truly do appreciate you taking care of my property and I trust you with t

  Sarah on 06/05/2015  
    Thank you again for everything Ms. Aliza! You're amazing and always impress us!! :) Hope you have a wonderful day and rest of the week.

  Dana on 06/05/2015  
    Thanks for your understanding you and Anabel have been wonderful!!!!

  Rodney on 06/05/2015  
    I am indeed very happy with you and your team. You all have been AWESOME! I will write a testimony as soon as I get back to work next week. Guaranteed!!

  Alison on 06/05/2015  
    Thanks again for all of your hard work

  Carol on 06/05/2015  
    I cannot thank you enough! I really appreciate your care and concern.

  Venetta on 06/05/2015  
    I wanted to comment on the evaluator, she was great, very professional customer service in communication/explaining various things when I had a few questions or comments, I told her I would send you a note on how pleased I was in talking with her. I thin

  Albert on 06/05/2015  
    You did a great job thank you!

  Brittany on 06/05/2015  
    Just wanted to drop you a quick thank you note. Thank you for helping me get all the paper work together and acting as a go between between us and the owners.

  Paul on 06/04/2015  
    Lauren- thanks for all your hard work and dedication

  Andrew on 06/04/2015  
    Anna J- thank you for the service you provided as a property manager during our stay. you are the best.

  Wesly on 06/04/2015  
    Valerie: Thank you for always helping me with my questions for the prospective clients.

  Chrystal on 06/03/2015  
    Susan. Thank you so much for your quick responses to everything. I am so excited you guys are handling everything.

  Elena on 09/23/2014  
    Anna C. thank you so much for your effort and your professionalism

  William on 09/16/2014  
    Amy--Thank you for handling this so diligently. I appreciate your professionalism and the way you've handled the situation, and I know you are fair and reasonable. I wish you the best of luck.

  Bob on 09/16/2014  
    Thanks for making this a very smooth transition.

  Ken on 09/16/2014  
    Thanks for your help and patience with all my questions! Let me know if you need anything else from me!

  Lindsay on 09/15/2014  
    Thanks again for your help! It�s been a great experience working with Coldwell Banker and I would recommend your property management service to anyone!

  Chris on 09/15/2014  
    You guys have been very helpful and the communication has been awesome; I should have rented this place out from day 1 and saved myself thousands of dollars!!

  Karl on 09/12/2014  
    Anabel,Thank you so much for your professionalism, follow through, and personal attention (and all my calls!!).

  John on 09/11/2014  
    Once again, you rock! Thank you for all the hell

  Joy on 09/10/2014  
    We really appreciate you and your team's hard work with this rental!

  Jodie on 09/10/2014  
    Amy-- you are a blessing and sent a smile to my face, thank you.

  Sandra on 09/08/2014  
    Thank you for the quick work in this!

  Elizabeth on 09/05/2014  
    Aliza and Anna, This is just to let you know that I am so grateful to the two of you for working so diligently to obtain the keys from the tenant on time and complete the walkthrough today as I requested. You have significantly helped to lower my blood pr

  Jonathan on 09/05/2014  
    Thank you sooo much once again and thank the owner for us as well. I know she didn't have to fix this issue. we're greatly appreciative of you!

  Mai on 09/04/2014  
    Thank you Ashley and your team for helping us. We appreciate your hard work.

  Mig on 09/03/2014  
    Anabel--Thanks again for being so diligent on your end!

  Michelle on 09/03/2014  
    We greatly appreciate that cost savings! Thanks also for your advice!

  Adam on 08/26/2014  
    We value our relationship with your company and had a great experience while residing in our home.

  Craig on 08/25/2014  
    Anna C. --Thank you all for your support for the duration of our lease.

  Jesse on 08/24/2014  
    Thanks for all your help. We really appreciate how nice you have been to work wit

  Jonathan on 08/18/2014  
    Anabel--Awesome thank you very much for the quick response!

  William on 08/18/2014  
    Gerry-- Thanks very much for you help! You made this process really easy.

  Moses on 08/15/2014  
    Amy--Thank you for taking such good care of me. You're the best!

  LaShunda on 08/15/2014  
    Anna J.-I truly appreciate your diligence & prompt efficient communication throughout this process.

  Denise on 08/14/2014  
    Thank you for your quick response on this. It's always a pleasure working with you. Again, thank you for your assistance.

  Moses on 08/13/2014  
    Amy, I really appreciate your professionalism. It is a breath of fresh air.

  Daniel on 08/13/2014  
    Amy-Thank you for all your continued support. Your Awesome!

  Kelly on 08/12/2014  
    Anabel--Thanks again for all your extra time. We really appreciate it.

  David on 08/11/2014  
    Thank you and the team for a wonderful year. We appreciate everything you did and all of your support.

  Scott on 08/11/2014  
    Thank you for all your time and expert service for the last 3 years. You have been exemplary.

  Tracey on 08/06/2014  
    Amy--Thanks for the quick reply and I really do appreciate all your hard work.

  Robert on 08/06/2014  
    You have taken good care of us. Thanks for the quick turn on the house. Much appreciated!

  Hayford on 08/01/2014  
    Ashley H.- Thanks very much for a job well-done

  William on 08/01/2014  
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  Caren on 07/30/2014  
    Thank you Ashley H., you are awesome.

  Tony on 07/30/2014  
    Thank you for your outstanding service and keep up the great work!

  Maria on 07/30/2014  
    Thanks again to you and Amy for all your help! I know you ladies did a little extra for me and John. We appreciate your help and professionalism.

  Joshua on 07/29/2014  
    Thank you so much for your concern and the speedy solution to our small issue.

  Robert on 07/29/2014  
    I know we are transferring over to the realty side of CBDHR but you have been a tremendous help to us! Thanks so much!

  Will on 07/29/2014  
    Well that was fast, thank you so much for the info. You guys are great!

  Debbie on 07/28/2014  
    Amy, I must say you and your team have kept me sane on your end!! Thanks so much for actually listening to me and coming up with solutions!

  Joshua on 07/28/2014  
    Vanessa: It was speedy and efficient! We are very pleased.

  Jason on 07/28/2014  
    Very happy with the service. The guy you sent out was very professional and fixed the leak quickly. Thank you for taking care of it so promptly.

  Jane on 07/25/2014  
    Ashlee H: You all have done great!

  Joseph on 07/24/2014  
    Thank you Valerie, you're awesome!

  Phyllis on 07/24/2014  
    Ashley H: Thank you!... FIRST EVER realtor to let me know in such a timely manner and fashion. I needed renewed assurance that there was 360 degree quality customer service out there and you gave it to me today! ?

  Tim on 07/23/2014  
    Anna J: Thanks for stepping me through this process. You've been very cordial and professional.

  Crystal on 07/23/2014  
    Anabel: I have really enjoyed working with you. ?

  Hayford on 07/23/2014  
    Ashley H: Please know your are truly appreciated and admired for your diligence in renting our properties and your great work ethics which is unsurpassed.

  Prashant on 07/22/2014  
    Ashley H., that's great!! You are truly providing a great service. Thank you!!

  Chris on 07/22/2014  
    Valerie: Thank you for being the best team at CB management! So happy you all are working on one of my houses again

  Harry on 07/21/2014  
    Good morning. I want to thank you and your staff for the tremendous support and outstanding service you provided managing my rental property. In particular, I want to recognize Miss Taege�s extraordinary efforts. There are not enough words in my vocabular

  Jonathan on 07/20/2014  
    Anabel: Thank you very much for all of your help with these matters. You have been great so far.

  Mai on 07/18/2014  
    Amy: Thank you for all your help. As always you're amazing.

  Harry on 07/18/2014  
    Amy, When I say you are awesome, I mean it will all my heart

  Richard on 07/14/2014  
    Thanks Ana! You guys are a pleasure to work with...

  Floreen on 07/11/2014  
    Ashley K: Thank you very much and I appreciate all that you do for me.

  Matt on 07/10/2014  
    Anna C: I just wanted to say that I really appreciate your patience and understanding.

  Chirs on 07/09/2014  
    Valerie: I really appreciate your help as always. Have a great day!

  Jennifer on 07/09/2014  
    Ana S: Many thanks for your assistance and support!

  Susan on 07/09/2014  
    I do want to let you know that Anabel is awesome! Her customer service and response to questions especially when my home is vacant and tenants are applying!! I truly appreciate all of the care and diligence that you guys have when it comes to my proper

  Jeffery on 07/09/2014  
    I would remiss if I left out the folks in Property Management section as well. I don't mind saying that things were bumpy at some times, but in the final year or so a few folks leaned forward and did a great job; particularly Amy Taege, who put up with me

  Milan on 07/09/2014  
    Anabel: Perfect, thanks for your fast response and updates.

  Jason on 07/09/2014  
    Valerie: You�re the best!

  Tracey on 07/08/2014  
    Ashley K: Thanks for the update and I really appreciate all the hard work that you do for me. Take care.

  Susan on 07/08/2014  
    To Anabel: I appreciate your quick response and help with my house! Thank you!

  Audrey on 07/03/2014  
    Thank you! Coldwell Banker is the best!!

  Harry on 07/02/2014  
    Amy: There are not enough words in my vocabulary to express how much I appreciate your genuine concern and your personal involvement in helping me resolve this issue.

  Hayford on 07/02/2014  
    Ashley H: Please keep up the good work. Truly appreciative of the work you do

  Andrea on 07/01/2014  
    Ana, the tenants paid their invoice this morning, yay! Thanks for always backing me up in these kinds of situations. It's all good now.

  Mary on 06/30/2014  
    Ana thank you for being so quick!

  Norma on 06/30/2014  
    Thank you so much Ana for all your help. It has been a crazy month for us and I don't know if there is anything else that I needed to let you know

  Nicholas on 06/30/2014  
    You're the best, Anna Covin. Thanks!

  Cris on 06/30/2014  
    You and Amy are the best! I will request to go with you guys all the time. Really enjoyed working with you!

  Barbara on 06/27/2014  
    Thanks, Ana, for your fast follow-up. That is great customer service!!!

  Sophia on 06/26/2014  
    Thank you for just being awesome and taking care of our house! Truly appreciate you and Ana!

  Dwayne on 06/25/2014  
    I realize I have been a pain and fussing a lot because of the broken AC system but I also appreciate when a good job is done. I want to thank Ashley Kerr and you for your help in getting the AC system fixed. It is greatly appreciated.

  Tamesia on 06/25/2014  
    Anna Jackson's Team: Well, it's been great working with your team. You made the process seamless from Japan to the United States. Thanks!

  David on 06/25/2014  
    Thank you Anna.. you�re my favorite today!

  Lymari on 06/25/2014  
    Ashley H:Thanks, you've been so helpful.

  Evelyn & Jim on 06/25/2014  
    we appreciate your company's professional work providing good service. Specifically, Anna Jackson has consistently provided us wonderful and timely customer service. I always feel reassured when I know that Anna is in the loop if there is a task begin ad

  Alison on 06/24/2014  
    Thanks again for all your help! You rock.

  Janice on 06/23/2014  
    Anna, As always, I appreciate your great support and assistance.

  Jim on 06/23/2014  
    Amy: You and your team have been such a great help to us so please don't worry about not getting back to me last week.

  Greg on 06/20/2014  
    I know I can be a tough pill to swallow.....but you're doing a splendid job.

  Jen on 06/20/2014  
    I believe, that we have really enjoyed our two years in her home. It was a great spot for us and she (and you all) were great to work with. We wish we could stay at least one more year!

  Cris on 06/20/2014  
    Thanks Ana, that is perfect. I appreciate all your help!

  Daniel on 06/19/2014  
    To: Amy & Ana I would like to take a moment an say what a wonderful job continue to do for my family and I. Several years ago there were moments where I wanted nothing to do with this company; however when Amy came along with her prompt and continued pass

  Sandra on 06/18/2014  
    Anabel, you are awesome! thanks for helping us with our moving stress

  Lupe on 06/12/2014  
    Thank you for all your help and you guys provide a great service to the sellers/ owner.

  Evelyn on 06/11/2014  
    As always, you have all the bases covered. We appreciate the great work you and your company do in juggling all the plates that may occur with managing rental properties.

  Dennis on 06/09/2014  
    Thank you for trying!! As always, you have been the bright spot during our tenure.

  Terri on 06/08/2014  
    The tenants were home, and were very gracious in letting us look around. They spoke very highly of the management of the property

  Kurt on 06/05/2014  
    Thank you so much for your understanding and willingness to help the Smith�s with this situation. I know they probably don�t realize you are trying to help them and they have given you some difficulty; however, I understand you are doing all you can and

  Jeff on 06/05/2014  
    Thanks Amy. You are the best.

  Cris on 06/05/2014  
    I so appreciate you and how fast you helped me to get it listed today. You're the best and this means a lot how you all go the extra mile for agents-wow!

  Doug on 06/04/2014  
    Thanks Amy!!! You did a great job closing out this file. I appreciate your followup, professional courtesy and knowledge!

  Leigh on 06/04/2014  
    Enjoy the rest of your week & thanks again for being so responsive.

  Ann on 06/04/2014  
    You guys are doing a great job.

  Courtney on 06/03/2014  
    Thank you so much for looking that up!! :) You are so nice!

  Howard on 06/02/2014  
    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

  Daniel on 05/30/2014  
    Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter, you're a big help to our family.

  Hayford on 05/30/2014  
    Thanks for your quick response and great work ethics.

  Hayford on 05/30/2014  
    Thanks also to you and your assistants for your conscientiousness and the extraordinary efforts in advertising and in renting my properties.

  Kathy on 05/27/2014  
    Thank you so much Anna ! You're a doll!

  Ron on 05/23/2014  
    Thank you for your courtesy and professionalism.

  Breanna on 05/23/2014  
    Thank you so much Ashley!!! You have been great to work with!!

  Jessica on 05/23/2014  
    Good morning, Ana! This is such great news. Thank you for all you do. Have an amazing day!

  Bradley on 05/22/2014  
    Thank you so much Amy! We really can't thank you enough for everything you did in dealing with our tenants. We will highly recommend you services to anyone looking for property management services in the area.

  Michael on 05/22/2014  
    Looks good and thank you for your hard work to get this unit occupied

  Rich on 05/21/2014  
    Awesome on all counts! I really hope you think of me as user friendly and not high maintenance. I have learned a ton from our professional relationship and cooperation, and I really appreciate all you've done for me!

  Cris on 05/19/2014  
    I'm keeping Amy in the loop on this since she is property manager for me. THE BEST by the way :)

  Teresa on 05/16/2014  
    Sol, Congratulations! That was done PERFECTLY! THANK YOU! YOU ROCK!

  Patty on 05/16/2014  
    Thank you for all you do to keep everyone happy!

  Edis on 05/14/2014  
    Thank you very much Mrs. Harkins, I greatly apreciate your time and hard work. have a nice day!

  Araceli on 05/14/2014  
    That is awesome news!! Thank you so much for all of your help! God bless you. :)

  Valerie on 05/09/2014  
    Hi Sol, It�s no problem, thank you for emailing back so quickly, and you are a lot of help!

  Diane on 05/09/2014  
    I appreciate your time and efforts.

  Mary on 05/08/2014  
    Thanks Anna. You have been very helpful.

  Ron on 05/01/2014  
    Your professionalism is refreshing and you can be sure that once I retire we will hire you again and refer you to my friends trying to deal with their properties on their own

  Brandon on 05/01/2014  
    Thank you so much Mrs. Covin we truly appreciate your help and have a wonderful day.

  Kimberly on 05/01/2014  
    You're the best Anabel. Tell your supervisor I said give you a raise.

  Maruc on 05/01/2014  
    Anabel You're GOD sent. Thank you very much for all your help!

  Carrisa on 05/01/2014  
    Oh wow. That was fast. Excellent. Thanks! Have a good one!

  Rodney on 04/30/2014  
    Thanks. Your team is always so helpful.

  Dennis on 04/30/2014  
    Thank you for your continued support. You have been a great assistance despite the numerous situations and other parties involved.

  Adele on 04/30/2014  
    If was quite useful and evidently you spent a significant amount of time compiling the data and other documents. For that I am also very grateful.

  Sarah on 04/30/2014  
    You know, I just wanted to also tell you and your amazing team that we LOVE! It means so much to us to have a fantastic group of hardworking individuals invested in our family's comfort.

  Chris on 04/29/2014  
    Thank you again for all of your help! Really enjoyed leasing with your company and recommend you guys to everyone!

  Shirley on 04/28/2014  
    Thank you, Anna. You and your team are great, always very attentive.

  Michael on 04/25/2014  
    Thanks Anabel, much appreciated, thanks for being so awesome.

  Amie on 04/24/2014  
    Thanks again for everything you have been great and easy to work with in the midst of moving 500 miles away.

  Julie on 04/23/2014  
    Thanks for the info Ashley. You have been terrific throughout this very easy process.

  Bernie on 04/23/2014  
    Thanks�you all are so prompt in this business.

  Cris on 04/22/2014  
    Anyway your thoughts would be appreciated as you have been such a great partner through my "landlord" days.

  Ann on 04/22/2014  
    You guys are doing a great job - thanks!

  Teddy on 04/18/2014  
    Again, thank you so much Anna! You have been so kind to put up with the back and forth.

  Jesse on 04/18/2014  
    Thanks much. I have had less than positive rental experiences in the past but have been more than pleased with your communication and timely responses to the very few issues that have presented. Have a great weekend.

  Albert on 04/17/2014  
    Ashley,Thank you again for your help and excellent work.

  Vera on 04/14/2014  
    Dear Ashley, Thank you for using good judgment in caring for our property!

  John on 04/13/2014  
    I also wanted to say thanks for all the help and assistance your office has provided to me as a tenant. I know all my correspondence and long emails can be a pain in the neck.

  Maria on 04/10/2014  
    Thank you Amy for all your help and for being on our side! And answering our questions and concerns! We greatly appreciate the comfort you gave us!! Now I feel more at ease for the second home we will be purchasing in the near future.

  Pat on 04/10/2014  
    Anna Thanks for all your help with the houses, you�re a jewel.

  Roger on 04/10/2014  
    Sol, I really appreciate your ability to make decision in a short notice. Keep up the good!

  Pat on 04/08/2014  
    Thanks, Susan. It is always a pleasure to work with you and your assistants. I've yet to have a bad tenant placed by CB. Hate to lose any of them.

  Quinton on 04/07/2014  
    Hello Ms Amy, Thank you for keeping us up to speed on our property.. I really appreciate your impressive professionalism in helping us to mitigate all issues that surfaced while you effectively managed our property. Hopefully, we will have the opportunity

  Steve on 04/04/2014  
    Hi Anna, Again you surprise me with your terrific service. Thanks for being so professional. I really appreciate it. � Thanks -- Steve

  Pro Defense on 04/01/2014  
    Just wanted to shoot you an email and thank you for all you do to help us out at Pro Defense! Working with Coldwell Banker has been such a great blessing and we can't thank you enough for all the hard work you put in!

  Ed on 03/20/2014  
    I'm glad I could help. I was a pleasure working with you. You were responsive and make the process quick a painless.

  Martin on 03/19/2014  
    Thank you for the information. You guys provide an awesome service! The email notifications for the showings and for the applications submitted help to keep me well informed and up to date throughout the whole process. It's good to know that my house is

  Danny on 03/18/2014  
    Hello Amy, its been a real pleasure working with you on helping my client rent your property

  Manuela on 03/18/2014  
    Again, thanks a million for all of your kind considerations & help

  Dea on 03/17/2014  
    seller is excited and had many positive things to say about her time working with your property mgt team.

  Esmilda on 03/17/2014  
    Thank you Anabel! You are always very helpful!

  Susan on 03/17/2014  
    Thank you so much for making the transition smooth. You have done a great job.

  Don on 03/15/2014  
    I am very appreciative of your detailed explanation

  Ron on 03/14/2014  
    I once again want to thank you for making this rental experience worry free. Amy you are amazing and when me and my wife start getting rentals when I retire you will be the first person we call

  Beth on 03/14/2014  
    Thank you! I'm so pleased this was resolved. I really appreciate your help :)

  Richard on 03/14/2014  
    Thanks Gerry. I am so impressed by and happy to be working with what I consider to be a First Class Property Management Team. I have had nothing but tremendous help and cooperation from everyone in your department. You guys rock! You can rest assured

  Elizabeth on 03/05/2014  
    I also want to thank you and your office for providing me with great service and getting me through my first "landlord" experience, I know at times I was not a prize pupil but we made it through (smile). It's been a pleasure and again I thank you and your

  Don on 02/27/2014  
    Amy, that is a very well written report and a very efficient inspection. I feel comfortable working with such a professional agent such as you. Amy, I feel very comfortable with you as the manager of the property and I like to let your supervisor know ab

  Wiliam on 02/26/2014  
    You are so awesome! We have gotten along for almost four years now! Thank you so much, from me and my 74 year old mother, we are very grateful for your hard work.

  James on 02/17/2014  
    We have had concerns with how things were ran in the past but feel you are doing a great job and we appreciate your timely responses to our emails, calls, etc.

  Veronica on 02/09/2014  
    Thanks for all of your assistance throughout the years and especially these last few months.

  Tracey on 02/08/2014  
    Good morning to you also. I hope you had a great weekend. Before I write anything, let me start off by me saying I cannot thank God enough for the professionalism of yourself, D�ann Harper Realtors, and as well as the tenant because you ladies have made

  Jacob on 02/04/2014  
    Hello from Tucson, AZ!! I just wanted to say hello and thank you for all the hard work y'all do with managing our properties.

  Dave on 01/31/2014  
    Superior Landscaping-- He told me he was new with your company, so I feel the need to tell you, he's very good with customers, and is very service oriented.

  Peg on 01/17/2014  
    I just wanted to thank you for all the work you did and help you gave me with the problems I had last year. I know it is your job but you were so calm and graceful about it.

  Richard on 01/15/2014  
    You have all been outstanding!!

  Prashant on 12/16/2013  
    Hello Ashley and Sarah, I visited the property and found it to be in great shape. Thank you so much for finding good tenants and providing excellent service.

  on 11/15/2013  
    David (from Manuel's AC) that came out and fixed the Dryer seemed very professional, sincere and knowledgeable.

  Stephanie on 11/08/2013  
    Appreciate you working on it so fast.

  Sean on 10/29/2013  
    Good morning. Thank you for your assistance yesterday. That was great communication and we greatly appreciated the effectiveness of resolving the AC concern

  Sarah on 10/03/2013  
    Ashley K.-OMG!!!! You have just made me the happiest woman! And thank you for your kind words and for working so hard on this!!!

  Manuel's A/C on 10/03/2013  
    Today the ac company came and fixed the main ac problems. They were extremely professional and fast workers. They took the time to show me the frozen areas, lack of freon, and sagging of the unit in the attic (which will need to be fixed eventually). The

  Daniel on 10/03/2013  
    Anabel-THANK YOU!!! you're awesome I appreciate you. You're the BEST!

  Wanda on 10/03/2013  
    Jennifer-Thanks you for responding so quickly. I know you are very busy and I appreciate your quick turnaround. Have a wonderful day.

  Justin on 10/03/2013  
    Ashley H.-thank you for your prompt responsiveness.

  Cassie on 10/03/2013  
    Amy-I value good customer service, and yours has been outstanding working through this. I will definitely consider working with you again on, should the need arise

  Laurel on 09/30/2013  
    Anna C.-You�re so great to get back to us so quickly each time. I wish some of the agents I do �deals� with were so efficient. Thanks again.

  Brittany on 09/25/2013  
    Anabel-We appreciate all the assistance you have provided us this far!

  Frank on 09/24/2013  
    Hi Sarah, I've said this before and I'll say it again....You're without a doubt the fastest gun in the West. :)

  Tony on 09/24/2013  
    Ashley-You are simply AMAZING!

  Manoj on 09/20/2013  
    Jennifer-Thank you for your prompt follow up and update on the keys. It has been a pleasure interacting with you.

  Ricahrd on 09/18/2013  
    I really appreciate how much you guys do to help me!

  Sarah on 09/18/2013  
    Thanks again for your time! Have a splendid rest of your week!

  Daniel on 09/17/2013  
    Anabel, You are awesome! You always have an answer to everything, and very helpful.

  LaShunda on 09/17/2013  
    Thank you for all of your communication, Twilla. You have truly, truly been a blessing to us. I had made several complaints about not being happy with the communication or lack thereof that we had received from CB but you have been exemplary!! I appreci

  Gopi on 09/17/2013  
    Thank a lot, you girls are Awesome :)

  Kenneth on 09/17/2013  
    Again Twilla, thank you. You are the best

  Hayford on 09/16/2013  
    I have received the signed lease for the property. Thanks very much for a job well done. This is to let you know I truly appreciate your excellent managerial and exemplary leadership skills which is unsurpassed. Please keep up the great work !

  Kevin on 09/16/2013  
    Thank you very much for your timely response on this matter. As this has been my first or second time dealing with you personally, I can say this was a positive experience.

  Tim on 09/13/2013  
    Thanks for all your efforts. We really appreciate it.

  Daniel on 09/12/2013  
    Thank you for your constant sense of taking care of us the customer and being on the ball with our tenants.

  Beth on 09/11/2013  
    Thanks again for all you've done, I'm so pleased to work with someone who is on top of things!

  Mrs. Hernandez on 09/11/2013  
    Amy I continued to do business with CB Harper realtors because of you. Amy you have been the only person at CB Harper to actually look for the best interest of our family and I are grateful to have YOU.

  Hayford on 09/09/2013  
    This is to thank you and your assistants for the marvelous work done on marketing the property even though there has not been success yet. Lady Ashley is the most diligent and hard working individual I have ever come across. She responds to my emails in a

  Dorthy on 09/06/2013  
    Thank you for picking up. I feel a little better after speaking with you and feel like you genuinely care. :)

  Beth on 09/06/2013  
    Thank you so much for such a quick reply.

  Scott on 09/06/2013  
    Thank you so very much for your diligent actions on our behalf.

  Katherine on 09/05/2013  
    Thank you for responding so quickly in regards to my earlier questions. I appreciate your help very much.

  Tyler on 09/05/2013  
    I really appreciate all that you have done to stay in contact with us.

  Kenneth on 09/03/2013  
    Thanks, you are the best!

  Gabrielle on 09/03/2013  
    Thanks again for everything. Unfortunately there's always going be disagreements and issues when renting a place. In the almost three years we have rented through Coldwell Banker we have only managed to have two problems worth mentioning. Both of which we

  Kermit on 08/29/2013  
    Once again, much thanks and appreciation for always being there. Time after time you proved to be a valuable asset during some very unexpected challenging times. Thanks a million...!!

  Diane on 08/27/2013  
    Good morning, Anabel! Just touching base to see if you�re back. Sara told me she was expecting you back yesterday & I wanted to: 1. Say congratulations on your new Baby Girl! I can�t wait to hear about her!!! 2. Tell you how much I�ve missed bei

  Diane on 08/12/2013  
    I lease the home I am in July, 2012 & Anabel was always so wonderful & considerate; I genuinely enjoyed my dealings with her.

  Doug on 08/12/2013  
    I wanted to commend your staff on getting the problem addressed quickly and efficiently.

  Megan on 08/07/2013  
    I just spoke with Ashley (she's so sweet and helpful!)

  Tamesia on 08/05/2013  
    Thanks for your quick response...love Coldwell Banker. :)

  Brown Unlimited on 08/05/2013  
    Good morning Twilla, I just wanted to pass along my thanks to you and Anna for your assistance with our plumbing emergency last week. Also, I wanted to pass along to you, your management and the owners that we were very satisfied with the work accomplish

  Bobby on 08/01/2013  
    I really appreciate the way you and Jennifer worked this rental agreement. Awesome Service!

  Michelle on 08/01/2013  
    Thank you to your company and staff for all the hard work on our behalf!

  Sarah on 08/01/2013  
    Thanks Anna, I appreciate your quick response and assistance. Have a great day!

  Andrew on 08/01/2013  
    Once again, thank you for your efforts in this activity. I understand the time you spent researching and making this action essentially a break even purchase. Great work!!

  Michelle on 08/01/2013  
    You rock!

  Mike on 07/25/2013  
    Appreciate the update and the work you've done on maintaining our house.

  Melissa on 07/25/2013  
    Aw thanks Amy! You are too sweet! You have been wonderful to work with too. We couldn't have asked for a better property manager! Thank you!

  Jim on 07/23/2013  
    It is a two-way street, as we appreciate your great help over the years with taking care of our property. By the way, we think very highly of Anna Jackson (Entz) who is my number one preference to contact when addressing topics related to the property.

  Elizabeth on 07/23/2013  
    Twilla, I know you and Sarah are both in my camp and watching out for me. Thanks for the prompt reply.

  Kermit on 07/23/2013  
    As always, much thanks and appreciation for everything you have done for me.

  Jeff on 07/23/2013  
    With summer being all of our busy time of year, Richard and I would like to thank you and your professional staff for your help on numerous occasions over these past few weeks. With me looking after Richards clients when he was out of town, and handling c

  Andrew on 07/18/2013  
    I have inspected the work, and the contractor did an excellent job. The gentleman who owns "Fence D Fence" should know that we are very satisfied customers.

  Michael on 07/17/2013  
    You are doing a GREAT job with all of the needed repairs for the property.

  Roger on 07/16/2013  
    Thanks a lot for your leadership and your exceptional manegerial skills.

  Betty on 07/16/2013  
    Sarah you are a sweetheart. What would I do without you?

  Tony on 07/12/2013  
    Thanks again, and as always please keep up the great job!

  Alex on 07/12/2013  
    Donna, you are pretty awesome!

  Josh on 07/12/2013  
    I wanted to thank you both for your assistance and help with my complaint below. Having that cool air blowing into the house was amazing; I appreciate the special attention I feel you both gave my situation.

  Jamie on 07/11/2013  
    Amy, you have been so great with looking after my home for me!

  Jim on 07/11/2013  
    Again, thank you for your time and help. I appreciate all your work.

  Daniel on 07/10/2013  
    Thank you for your corporation in the attention to detail on the home issues. As I have said to you before the customer service you continue to provide is great, in addition to the communication we continue to share. Sorry I cannot say enough of the conti

  John on 07/10/2013  
    Please thank Sarah Hearn and the rest of your CBDHR Property Management Team for the high level of customer service, professionalism and attention to detail that I have experienced over the past seven years that they have managed my property.

  Daniel on 07/09/2013  
    Thank you for your corporation in the attention to detail on the home issues. As I have said to you before the customer service you continue to provide is great, in addition to the communication we continue to share. Sorry I cannot say enough of the conti

  Doug on 07/08/2013  
    Sign and Lock Box - Ours were picked up promptly after we moved in by a very polite and helpful young man.

  Jennifer on 07/08/2013  
    Thank you very much! CBDHR is amazing with response time .

  Ryan on 07/02/2013  
    When I was looking for a manager for my home I called several groups and i surprised me after great conversations no one followed up with me as they said they would. You were the only one that not only called me back but also helped get me info on my HOA

  Ed on 07/01/2013  
    Thank you for wonderful support and help! You truly were wonderful to work with and always helpful.

  Karla on 07/01/2013  
    Thank you so much! I really need the sinks fixed but just didnt have the money now. You went above and beyond by arranging that for me. Great job. Have a blessed day!

  Gustaro on 06/28/2013  
    Thank you for your assistance and prompt action.

  Katie on 06/28/2013  
    Excellent! Thank you for the prompt replies!

  Ryan on 06/28/2013  
    When I was looking for a manager for my home I called several groups and I surprised me after great conversations no one followed up with me as they said they would. You were the only one that not only called me back but also helped get me info on my HOA

  Robert on 06/27/2013  
    Thanks for the quick reply. God, I love dealing with you! LoL

  Doug on 06/27/2013  
    Thanks for being so responsive. Our last landlord took days to respond to requests sometimes and it is truly refreshing to be working with someone so proactive and responsive.

  Kenneth on 06/26/2013  
    You folks [are] great property managers

  Mike on 06/26/2013  
    That is perfect thanks for all your help. You have been awesome!!

  Gregory on 06/25/2013  
    I�ve rented from a lot of different companies and by far this is the best place I�ve rented from.�

  Andrew on 06/24/2013  
    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work ethic and professionalism of Mrs. Anna O'Connor Covin. Her swift responses to issues are phenomenal. As you know, 'I tell it like it is' and I also give credit or praise when it is due. Thank

  Joann on 06/21/2013  
    I just want to thank you for your prompt response to the last couple of work orders we have had. We have rented this house since August 2010 and we have never received the kind of courteous and efficient response as we have from you!

  Gloriana on 06/21/2013  
    Also, Manuel�s AC & Appliance were phenomenal. Very professional and courteous. Thank you for sending them!

  Brett on 06/15/2013  
    It was a pleasure living there and having the peace of mind that things would be fixed promptly if repairs were needed.

  Laura on 06/10/2013  
    Twilla, our Property Manager has done a good job communicating with us.

  Michael on 05/09/2013  
    You have done an awesome job of helping us with these issues. Please let your boss know that this is the kind of service that will separate your company from your competition. The truth is that a couple of weeks ago, I would have given CBDHR a poor recomm

  John on 04/25/2013  
    Thank you for the opportunity to rent this property and for the positive experience working with you and your company.

  Brett on 04/23/2013  
    I just wanted to let you know that we have really enjoyed living in this home and the few times we've had to contact you for discrepancies, we have appreciated your quick response in getting them taken care of.

  Veronica on 04/03/2013  
    I am very excited about my new family and I have been VERY pleased with CB Harper. I have been recomending CB Harper with everyone I know who is looking for a house to rent. I definitly want to continue renting from CB Harper.

  Glen on 03/29/2013  
    Owning investment properties can be stressful. Landlords rely upon their property managers to take the lead role in market analysis, tenant screening, lease negotiations, rent collection and responding to any tenant questions or issues which may arise. My

  Herbert on 03/26/2013  
    Jeff Johnson and Mark did a quick and fantastic job in repairing the cabinets! Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

  Brad on 03/22/2013  
    Lastly, I just wanted to say thank you for making this process seem so easy and worry free. You must be really good at your job!! :P I am so surprised & relieved that it has taken less than a week for all this to go down. I figured it wouldn't take too lo

  Marc on 03/19/2013  
    You guys are doing great.

  Sarah on 03/05/2013  
    Sorry for the trouble Ms. Anna, you are amazing and very accommodating.

  Michael on 03/04/2013  
    We appreciate D'Ann Harper and her Property Management staff for the support we�ve received throughout the lease. We are proud of our rental record with you, and look forward to a smooth transition.

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